Dadeh Varzan Novin Shayan Co. (Daanesh Co.)

Introducing Company

Daanesh company was established in 1399 with the aim of producing and development of useful applications in related field of internet jobs , Feasibility study, designing and implementation of information management systems, and presenting Comprehensive solutions to enhance knowledge and expertise in the field of information and communication technology.

In this company, consultations are given about Evaluate and prepare explanatory reports on business plans, entrepreneurship and marketing processes, evaluation of plans, technologies and technical knowledge, networks for repairing existing businesses, and implementation of transfer, acquisition, development, and development of technology and technical knowledge.

In line with the stated goals attending showrooms and internal and external conferences and also attending public and private tenders and auctions , establishing sale offices and provincial branches, and accepting representation from internal and external companies are considered goals of this company for The promotion of policies and the promotion and growth of the private sector in the country’s economic system.

The lofty goal of company

Presenting data related and software services in a safe environment with a secure support and consultation services in information and communication technology with the aim of transparency in order to promote the administrative health and information and communication technology system of the country.

The main goals of company

Designing and expanding applications

Related activities of internet jobs

Designing, producing and presenting and support of software packages


Researching and feasibility and expanding and implantation of information management systems

Designing , installing and supporting services and equipment of information technology field

Transporting technical knowledge from country and the other way around in the field of information technology

Activity in securing computer networks and performing data preparation

Consultation and preforming Video surveillance systems and environmental protection

Giving consultation in information and security network field to public and private sections

Consultation and evaluation and preparation of explanatory reports in business plans

Consultation about presenting, Communication and networking between businesses.

Consultation and performing entrepreneurship and establishing jobs and sales and legal non-pyramidal and non-networking marketing

Providing the human resources required by the company

Attending showrooms , conferences and public and private domestic and foreign tenders and auctions

Daanesh operational plans for the current year

First plan

Empowering work force in order to perform projects at their best

Second plan

Attract and marketing projects in order to make Daanesh activity prosperous

Third plan

Technical enhancement and investing for great purposes of Daanesh

Introducing the members of the board of directors and the managing director

حسين يوسفيان ساوری

Hosein Yousefian Saravi

Managing director chairman in MBA


Profession: Management

سيد مصطفی موسوی

Seyed Mostafa Mousavi

Vice chairman of the board in accounting

Experience: 26 years

Profession: Certified accountant and expert of justice

سجاد عسکری

Sajad Askari

Member of the board

PHD in private law

Experience: 8 years

Profession: law

محمدرضا پورحسن

MohammadReza Pourhasan

CEO in Computer Engineering (Information Technology)

Experience: 26 years

Profession: Information Technology

Introducing managers

Masoumeh Hafez Amini

Masoumeh Hafez Amini

Vice planning and support manager

Measurement PHD and in MBA

Experience: 17 years

Profession: design and software

Reza Yousefi Toudeshki

Reza Yousefi Toudeshki

Deputy of engineering

Bachelor of computer science

Experience : 27 years

Profession : Software

Fereshteh Nourbakhsh

Fereshteh Nourbakhsh

Financial and administrative manager

Bachelor of accounting

Experience: 24 years

Profession: Financial affairs

Daanesh Organizational Charter

We as members of x company believe in following Ethical values and principles of behavior of individuals and organizations and Do everything we can to maintain and implement great goals of the company


Commitment to the rules in every communication and interaction

Having a positive mentality

Being highly responsible, accountability and critique and improving team work mentality

Always being respectful, polite, Sobriety, kind, eloquent

When it comes to co-workers and customers and everyone who’s somehow communicating with the company.

Having the ability of “active patience”

Having the ability of “active patience “means consequent and smart follow up of assignments in order to get the best results

Great obligation

Great obligation in order to implement professional assignments correct and accurate and in time

Committed and uptight

Committed and uptight to protecting secrets and information of the company

Optimal use of resources and equipment

Optimal use of resources and equipment for company goals

Paying attention to professional principles and observing business ethics

Paying attention to professional principles and observing business ethics in order to earn reputation for the company

Constant effort

Constant effort to reduce the business risk moreover maximizing the profit of the company

Prioritizing satisfaction and desirability

Prioritizing satisfaction and desirability of customer

Promoting measures

Promoting measures related to sustainable development in the company

Predicting Daanesh goals and plans in 1401

First goal

Signing contracts of software developing and improving their support

Second goal

Improving marketing which is related to online jobs

Third goal

Improving consultation services in communications and information technology fields

Fourth goal

Cooperation with knowledge-based companies in order to develop software and hardware services of Daanesh

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